Trentonian TV

This is my vision for “The Midnight Guy”, the one who will drive Web  traffic between midnight and 8 o’clock:

* Live-streaming interviews with local celebs (and maybe even Hollywood celebs) and politicians (local, state, regional, national) and local sports personalities (and maybe even pro athletes and coaches)

* Live-streaming “unplugged”-type sessions by local bands and musicians

* Live-streaming local comics doing their routines

* Live-streaming call-in Q&A’s

* Taped segments with local cooks and chefs providing healthy recipes, and cooking the dishes; although, why not live-stream it?

* A moderated message board

* Videos, videos, videos!

I believe there *is* a market for the night owls. Our Web sites should not be 16-hour cycles.  John Paton wants “real-time,” but we’re neglecting a third of the day from midnight to 8’ish. Why not market that slot with live content? I think we should implement my idea right now, so that a year from now we’re beyond the point of ironing out the wrinkles. In my gut I believe we can sell that midnight-to-8 cycle. Is the cycle going to generate as many “hits” as the other 16 hours? The logical answer is no. But let’s not just throw those 8 hours away. Let’s fill those 8 hours with live content.

Some think people wouldn’t tune in to Trentonian TV.

I believe that if you build it they will come.

So, I found this billboard in Trenton yesterday.


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